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Spotlight on....Club member Andrew.....

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Andrew is another of our long term club members, he also shoots full bore and can always be relied on to have something interesting to look at and talk about from his collection of guns, ranging from a converted .303 into a 410 shotgun, a very unusual and quite unique air rifle also some very interesting pistols along with other target rifle stuff.

He was taught to shoot at school and without mentioning ages at all I think he would agree the roads were less crowded in those days!

A  bit of an inventor is Andrew, always making or shining something but should anyone ever purchase a rifle from his collection  (not that he ever sells any) would be buying perfection, he would also have researched the complete history of it too. An interesting man to chat with.

Come and meet Andrew and the rest of our friendly club members at Hertford Rifle Club.

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